Andrea Piamonte’s critiques

by apiamonte

This month, I decided to talk about Good Magazine and their unique covers. Here are a few so you can get a gist of how they are designed.




The magazine uses a brightly colored background and then focuses on a person in the center of the cover. Good Magazine prides themselves on not using the rule of thirds and using a close up photograph of a celebrity. The magazine typically has the bright colored background and then adapts different objects to illustrate the feature story. For example, on the red cover, they feature a woman in her natural surroundings (slightly cluttered) to demonstrate the prescription story. They use a more abstract way to portray their stories. The way that this woman is postured shows that she is tense and uncertain. The fact that they show her in her natural surroundings show that she is your “neighbor” and you can relate to her easier, which ties to the central idea behind the story.

Overall, the clean look of the magazine makes the message of the photograph clear.