Andrea Piamonte’s critiques

by apiamonte

Bon Appetit has always been one of my favorite magazines. They have a very atypical look about them, especially for a food magazine. They use zoomed in pictures and interesting crops on their covers to demonstrate their features. This month, they had a feature focused in Paris. Here it is:




Paris… people usually think of loaves of bread and they featured just that. The cover typically also has the starburst badge to show tips or what issue it is. Their sell lines are always clean and they try not to interrupt the cover photograph. Their choices in typography are very modern (usually bold sans serifs) that give the whole magazine a clean and classy look. They tended to combine the bold sans serifs with a thinner, cleaner san serif.  In addition, their logo is in a slab serif font (one of my favorites) and gives the magazine a unique personality. I recently visited Bon Appetit on my trip to New York and let me tell you, their offices were absolutely amazing. I got the opportunity to visit their testing kitchen, photo shoot area and their design offices. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With the design offices, they showed me the different techniques they used to make sure their design was clean, quirky and classy across the platforms. They placed an extreme emphasis on their photographs of food and made sure that they were absolutely perfect for the cover. If you haven’t checked out the magazine, you definitely should because they have one of the best designs I have ever seen (especially for a food magazine!).