Design Critique – Will G.

by willguldin

Sorry this is late, I was locked out of my wordpress account last night — couldn’t remember the password.

Critique 1: This is a page from the Boston Globe. I picked this one because I’m doing some research that involves the paper’s typography and how they mirror it online. I feel like this print issue does a lot of things that the Missourian could emulate. Even though this is a five-story front, it still has creative teases above the nameplate and a bar on the side that is similar to the Wall Street Journal’s “What’s News” sidebar.

This page might be a little cluttered, but it doesn’t seem like to me. I particularly like the teases above the banner. They look clean and tease to at least three stories there. This page also has good headline hierarchy, I think and the two panel photos of Obama and Romney.

Boston Globe Page

Critique 2: The other thing I wanted to highlight, because it’s just plain cool, is this thing the New York Times did called a visual graphic. It highlights Mariano Rivera’s dominance of batters during his career. Overall this is an excellent piece of work, and I’m curious how you’d even make something like this.

One thing I didn’t like about this was that the pitch motion seemed repetitive after a while. That might be part of the point of Rivera’s single-pitch technique, but it made me wonder if that was really accurate, once they showed the scatter shot of all his pitches. That’s minor though. Really this is just awesome.