Bullying and a perfect game

by kbrynsvold

This is a special front for the Sioux City Journal. There was a suicide recently near Sioux City, and this is the paper’s response: a full front page dedicated to an editorial about stopping bullying. I really like the design, especially for the topic it is covering. This doesn’t need to be colorful or fun or designed with any real ‘cool’ features. It just needs to be what it is. The headline is powerful. I think it takes up a lot of space, but that’s okay because it says something important. The two-column look is good, even though it makes each column pretty wide. I think from far away, it looks great, and it’s still readable up close.

The black-and-white look is good for this topic because it gives a “dark vs. light” feel to the story. It’s also a classic look for an issue that has been a problem for a long time.

A perfect game is a rare thing, as you might guess. Philip Humber, a pretty unknown pitcher, threw the 21st in baseball history Saturday for the White Sox vs. the Mariners. This doubletruck in the Chicago Tribune tells the story of the perfect game in a great way. The infographic that spreads across the top of the doubletruck shows where Humber threw all of his pitches to each of the 27 batters he faced. As a baseball fan, I’d spend a lot of time analyzing that information in the way it is presented. Very cool. Other than that, the page is pretty simple. I like the content on the page, which is what this page should really be about. It’s not all about design here. Something happened, and they told the story in the correct way at the Chicago Tribune.