Final round of critiques

by danramey1

The first page for my final critique is this one from the Star Advertiser in Honolulu.  First off, I really like the lead package as it immediately grabs my attention. The headline is big and seems to demand an appropriate amount of attention considering how big the package is.  I also like the little graphic that explains the drilling process. Overall, I find this package really compelling and it gets me interested in the story, even though I normally wouldn’t give a story about drilling a second look.  My one problem is the teases just below the headline on the right side of the story.  They have absolutely nothing to do with the package, yet their placement on the page suggests that they are part of the package. I wonder if the teases were absolutely necessary, or if they could have placed them somewhere else (maybe above the flag or something).

The second page is from the Sunday San Jose Mercury Times.  I really like the lead illustration for this page.  I really like how the illustration drives the point of the story (sort of that everyone’s dragging behind apple) in a very simple way.  The cartoony nature of the illustration also draws my attention and interest very easily. Overall, it’s a very appealing package.