Third two critiques – Alternatives Story Formats

by yoobi55


Since we learned about “alternative story formats,” I thought it’d be interesting to critique about other publications’ ASF.

My first ASF is from Journal of Sioux City, Iowa. This was done for Mother’s Day special edition, and overall, I like the idea and the organization of the page.

I like the fact that the dominant illustration (Marge Simpson) doesn’t seem too overwhelming because if it did, it would’ve been preposterous. In that sense, I think the size and the typeface of the headline played a huge role in providing focus on the page.

I find it strange that they chose “hair” as an important defining characteristic — I can see how the other categories are important “mom” factors, but hair is a universal trend, not necessarily a defining “mom” characteristic, and including it is also redundant because we can clearly see their hairstyles in the pictures.



The second ASF is from the Arizona Republic, Phoenix. The story is a list of 21 children who drowned in swimming pools over the past year.

Only nine kids are shown, but every one is listed in the text below, with their age, the date they drowned and what was the deal with whomever was supposed to be watching them.

I think it’s powerful, moving and I think the typeface of the hammer hed suits the story well. The white space given around the rim of the story adds a more solemn atmosphere. Hopefully, it’ll stick in the minds of parents, babysitters and older brothers and sisters.

Still, the big block of text is difficult to read. The description for each child jumps to the next line and creates visual interruptions, so I think that information could’ve been organized a bit better.