Esquire Magazine: March 2012

by apiamonte

Esquire magazine has one of my favorite magazine cover designs. They are extremely creative and unique in their designs. Not to mention, they use innovative methods to display this content. For example, in this month’s issue, Esquire featured TWO covers. They did this by making their cover have an open flap that split through the middle. The cover you first see is a photo of Jon Hamm dressed in a chic plaid jacket. Once you lift this flap, there is another cover under the original cover featuring a half-nude Kate Upton with the same chic plaid jacket adorned over her left shoulder. The left portion of the shoulder is the connecting design element between the two covers. The designer also manipulated the headline to fit both covers.

Check it out here:

Check it out here:


Not only is this design effective and well-executed, it’s completely different from any of the other covers on the market. Esquire has been known to push the limits and start trends with their innovative covers. The fact that the designer chose to conceal Kate Upton and originally highlight Jon Hamm, shows how provocative Esquire can be. Because it’s a men magazine, it’s like when you lift the flap, you get the pleasant surprise of finding the half-nude Kate.

The bold, san-serif typography choice for the headline is perfect for the cover because it works well with both covers. It’s a plain typeface that could be manipulated in weight, size and width to fit the flap.

The cover also features limited sell lines to focus mainly on the Jon Hamm and Kate Upton flap gimmick. Too many sell lines would’ve complicated the cover and made it look too busy.

This design is an inspiration to not only come up with creative designs, but also to be creative with the paper and format.