Diario de Morelos: March 21

by apiamonte



This newspaper design is incredible, but I do have some issues with it. The designer chose to move the flag down and have a large tease on top of it. I like that they did this, but then it creates a lack of hierarchical focus for the reader. The reader is drawn to so many stories, there is not one center focus.

I do however love the type faces used in this newspaper. They consistently used a wider san-serif typeface as their headlines and a less bolder serif font to label the secondary story.

The color palette is too bright for my taste and not content-driven at all. The neon colors appear for the front page to have a happier tone. Plus, there are too many colors on this page that makes it appear too busy.

The vertical dash marks as keylines could’ve also been more subtle by being smaller.

Overall, the page is composed well and has plenty of gimmicks. I just think for the newspaper design to be more efficient and clean, they needed to utilize LESS gimmicks.