Design Critique

by willguldin


This first page is one I found on the news designer site I noticed the woman from Gannett using. This page is from a Turkish newspaper Today’s Zaman. This appeared on as the cover for the Sunday Health section. Since we’re working on conceptual designs, I’ve been looking for examples. This one seems more creepy than anything else.

The article is about how your hair can act as a warning system for other health problems you might have, but I can’t see that reflected here at all. I’m not sure what a zipper is supposed to convey and the illustration just looks weird. Also, the shaded textbook above the thicker column of body copy draws attention to the woman’s eye, which has nothing to do with the story. Not very succesful in my book.

Cleveland Plain-Dealer

This next example works much better. The heart missing on notebook paper says so much to me. And although it works with the story, you don’t need to read the story to understand what it is saying, in fact both tell something a little bit different.

The design of the piece also complements this conceptual picture. Serif typefaces, a magazine-type lead and a good use of white space give it a refinement and solemnity that reinforce the simple look of the photo illustration. If I had to critique it, I’d say that some extra room might’ve suited this better. Why not knock out that column next to it and make the main article take up the whole page?

Sorry for the weird spacing, not sure what is up with word press