Critique #4: The Ampersand Collection

by eelisa314

Alysha and I loved this collection of highly designed ampersands, which we spotted on Pinterest (where else?). There are several “&s” here that I really respond to — in particular the fox “&” in the upper-right corner. I find it cute without being too cutesy. The neutral palate and tiny bowler hat give it an old-timey feel (1890s?) that I really respond to. I also really like the factory “&” fourth down on the left. How cool is it that the design of a single character can tell a story about the flow of production? Very cool. And clever. I like that the illustrative pieces of the design create the shape of the “&.” I also find the muted color palate somehow soothing.

It’s weird I guess to say that something like this is effective, because I’m not sure what (if any) purpose these “&s” serve. I wonder how/if these “&s” were used in any larger design, and then I wonder if that even matters. What I liked most about this display is that it gave me an entirely new way of thinking about design (a more artistic perspective). That someone would put this much effort into designing a single character fascinates me. It amazes me that people can be so creative.

(Clicking on the image opens a larger version in a new tab.)