Critique #3: College Football Preview (Alabama)

by eelisa314

 For my first critique, I chose this college football preview from a young designer at The Huntsville (Ala.) Times. What an awesome collectors’ item for Alabama football fans! I really respond to the many mini-tiled images. There’s such a great variety of images and it has a very powerful effect. They give me a great sense of the scope and sense of history revolving around the sport in the state. My main complaint about this treatment is that it’s not clear from the page or from Charles Apple’s blog (where I first found the page) whether there’s any kind of guide to the images available for readers. I probably wouldn’t seek out information on all the photos, but there are certainly some I would be curious about. Because there’s no numbering system on the front, I’m curious if such a guide exists, and if so, how clear it could be. I would be very bothered as a reader if this information weren’t available.

I also really respond to the thick rules and use of reverse type; I think it has a dramatic effect without being complicated, and it complements the photos nicely. It definitely emphasizes the poster quality of this special section, and as a reader, I think I’d be very likely to save a copy of this page.

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