Second Round of Critiques: Gannett and American Press

by Ben Kupiszewski

In our last class, we had that recruiter from Gannett.  Hence, I decided to check out a Gannett owned and designed paper.

I liked the design of today’s


Tallahassee Sunday Democrat.  The centerpiece is strong for a couple of reasons.  I like the packaging of all the mugshots together.  Individually, they’re dull.  Together, they become a dominant visual.  Also, the headline’s typography is great.  The contrast of color, size, serif works well.  The emphasis on “25” and “women you need to know” is reader-friendly.  From a distance, I think the it grabs the reader’s attention and entices them to read more on the inside pages.  I also like how it’s nestled within the mugshots.  Overall, it’s easily the first thing I noticed.

I also like the refer in the upper right next to the centerpiece.  The treatment the designer gave I feel was wise.  The black box and white typeface keeps it from being overwhelmed by the centerpiece.  I also like the fact it was given a deck and almost acts like

an infobox.  It gives nuggets of information on an developing, big story. I’m guessing the Democrat was leading with this story earlier in the week, and wanted to still give it play, but decided move on to other things.  I feel the treatment was a clever way to accomplish such a goal.

A front page that I didn’t

LA_AP.jpg like came from the American Press in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The photo doesn’t demand enough attention away from the all the text.  The centerpiece’s art head is scrunched.  I don’t like the deck on the lead story going only four columns across.  I really don’t like the pull quotes.  The typography on the “who” is confusing with the bylines’ typography.  It’s bigger too, and I thought that it started some type of sidebar.  It also interrupts the readers’ line of sight with the story.  It’s annoying.

*I also apologize for the weird text wrap wordpress is doing.  I don’t know it’s cutting off my sentences.