Second two critiques – Inside page design

by yoobi55

My second design critique’s theme is an inside page design. The first piece is from the Hartford Courant, which is the largest daily newspaper in Connecticut. The Hartford Courant is a morning newspaper for most of the state north of New Haven and east of Waterbury.

This is the life section of Hartford Courant, which has a dominant graphic treatment in the middle. I liked the triangular text in the center. I think it’s smart and accompanies the graphic at the bottom.However, it could be seen as an excessive graphic that makes the newspaper look like an advertisement.

Although the graphic and the triangular text go together well, I think a less excessive design and a different color would have been more effective because it could have given the page more space and seriousness.

The second piece is from the Politiken, which is a Danish daily broadsheet newspaper and comes third among Danish newspapers in terms of both number of readers and circulated copies.

This inside page talks about the history of West Denmark ideologies. I liked the bulb-shaped text wrap treatment on the center. I think it draws attention to the page and relates to the story very well.

Although I think the design is clever, it seems like it has too much white space. I wonder what it would’ve been like if the bulb was smaller and the pull-quotes were bigger because the lower left corner might be hard to read since there isn’t much space. I think making the bulb a little smaller could have been a considerable option.

– Bi