Island Packet and Klamath Falls critiques

by willguldin

Island Packet, Hilton Head, South Carolina

Overall, I think the dominant story is effective because it packages quite a bit of information on the front page for the reader. So much information in fact, that I think it could all use some sort of secondary deck to tie it together and give me a “so what” statement.

Although it looks nice together, more standard column widths would give it some more unity. Right now, we have the really wide lead-in column, then a standard text column, and, finally, the skinny sidebar column. Makes it seem separate. Other nit-picky things that detract from the whole page: the super-sized dropcap, the tiny part of the art head and the really long caption on the boring meeting photo.

The rest of the page is pretty good. I was a little confused about which story that infobox belonged to on the bottom left since there is no vertical rule (weird because they have horizontal rules on the page and vertical rules in the floorboard). But that aside, these other stories easily communicate with the reader. There aren’t any major hierarchy issues either — it is clear what is the big news and the big feature-type story.

Herald and News, Klamath Falls, Oregon

This was one of the Newseum’s top pages for the day I grabbed it. I really like the way it looks and the take the paper took on the Super Bowl was perfect for them. After all, they’re in Oregon, so creating a “semi-fan’s” guide is both useful and a funny take on the whole ordeal.

First impressions were that the design looks clean, but I’m a little confused about the subject of the main article. The subhead says two things, and one of them is highlighted in red and positioned over the story. So is that the article’s focus? If both parts of the subhead make up the article, why was the red color used? I also thought the shaded box was part of this package, even though it isn’t. It looks better without a rule there, but I wonder if one is needed to make a clear contrast with the Super Bowl content.

Other than that, this page is really effective. Lots of information communicated in a clean package.