Critique Numero Uno: The Santa Barbara Daily Sound

by Ben Kupiszewski

I chose the Santa Barbara Daily Sound for my first critique.  The whole front page is a mega-tease.  The majority of the page is used to tease to the mayor and her reforms.  The upper right-hand corner is reserved for tease to a story about woman arrested for alleged sex acts on a minor. My first issue comes with the implementation of a mega-tease.  Granted, I’m not familiar with the general layout of the Daily Sound, but the news doesn’t seem to warrant taking up this much space.  Mayors propose reforms all the time.  It doesn’t seem to be earth-shattering news.

I’m also not a fan of the execution of the headline and deck.  I feel like a hammer-head is better suited with a skinnier  T-deck moved down.  In this design, they encroach upon her head.  Secondly, the photoshop cutout job by her shoulder is sloppy.

What do you guys think?