Critique Numero Dos: The San Francisco Examiner

by Ben Kupiszewski

Critique Numero Dos is of the San Francisco Examiner.  The page is comprised of just teases again, but I think this works better than with the Daily Sound because of its execution.

The first thing I notice is the use of color.  The rainbow in the background of the centerpiece grabs my attention immediately.  The color in the teases above the flag give them appropriate second place dominance.  I like how the color was taken from the images in the teases.  It’s the same shade of blue from Tiger Woods’ shirt.

I also like the typography on the centerpiece.  It accentuates the key words of “still,” “waiting” and “altar.”  Moreover, it leaves no doubt as to what is the news of the day.

The teases on the side work too.  I feel, however, they could replace the ad on the bottom and the centerpiece could have been spread across the entire width of the page.  It might be a little cramped as it is.

In conclusion, I like the implementation of color and typography.  They establish the page’s hierarchy effectively.  Apart from the goofy expression on the couple’s face and the centerpiece maybe being expanded, the page is attractive.