Critique 2: The Bakersfield Californian and foxes

by danramey1

For my next critique, I chose the front page for Tuesday’s Bakersfield Californian.  What really caught my eye on this page was the large picture of the fox that, along with the other fox photos, takes up a lot of real estate on the page.  I have to admit, I do like the pictures of the foxes as I think the images are all well done.

However, I wonder if it was really necessary to devote so much front-page space a fairly novel story.  The stories below the fox photo seem rather important, but they are just overwhelmed by the fox photo.  Plus, there is really no type other than display type on the page.  It may be because I’m not familiar with the stories or the area but there isn’t enough context to pull me into those two stories.

Finally, I feel like there is too much art on the page and my eye is overwhelmed by it.  After the looking at the dominant fox photo, I’m not sure where to look next because so much is happening on the page.

I think the easy way to describe how this page makes me feel is too say that it overwhelms me.   I feel like it just gives me too much visual information and not enough typographical information to create contrast.