Critique #2: Fitting Farewells – Express

by yoobi55

This other Steve Jobs center piece is from Express, which is a free daily newspaper distributed in Washington. It is printed every weekday and is owned by The Washington Post Company.

I chose this because the design was very experimental and interesting, and I thought it would generate interesting conversation among the class. Although what they wrote on the subhead is kind of exaggerated, I think the presentation and the use of the old digital graphic icon that represents the early version of Mac computers were very smart.

The dominant white space played the role of a double-edged sword in the piece. It might have seemed weak for some people, and at the same time it could have been an attention grabber. Out of curiosity, I asked my friends what they thought of this piece. One of my friends said the photo of Ryan Gosling on the left was the attention grabber. My other friend said that it’s a bit nerdy, but he liked it because he is a self-proclaimed geek.

Nonetheless, personally, I think it was a good attempt and they did a good job symbolizing Jobs and even bringing some nostalgic feelings to those who played 16-bit games.

– Bi