Critique 1: The Denver Post’s primary coverage

by danramey1

For my first critique, I decided to take a look at the primary preview (PDF is at the bottom) from my home state’s top paper, the Denver Post.  The first thing that strikes me about this page is how the photos of the four candidates work together to create a dominant image for the page.  That is definitely what my eye is drawn too when I first look at the page.

However, I feel that there is a disconnect between the headline and the photos.  I feel as if Romney and Santorum should be on a similar level if the primary is truly a competition between those two as the headline says.  By placing Santorum below Romney and not on the same level of the page, it seems to contrast the headline in my mind.

Aside from that, I like this page quite a bit.  Everything is cleanly squared off into modules and the headline fonts and sizes allow me to easily tell the hierarchy of the stories and how important each is.  The other thing I like about this page, which is something that I’ve noticed the post does a lot, is the inclusion of labels at the top of the stories.  These really provide for a nice context on what the story is about and gives me even more information to decide if I want to read the story or not.