Critique #1: iMOURN – Republican American

by yoobi55

When Steve Jobs died, I remember how the news media outlets responded to his death dramatically. I witnessed various news designs relating to his death, but didn’t have chance to talk about them. Since Jobs was a well-known design fanatic, I thought it would be interesting to share how newspapers designed the news of his death.

Republican American used traditional organization on its page, which resembles Mondrian’s Composition II, yet they did a bit of experimentation in the center, using a very thick and red kyeline along with the art headline that reminds me of an Apple product.

I think the formal organization of the center piece was very effective. This design would have been weaker if they had used a different photo. The cropped Apple logo, which bears a resemblance to the moon, and Jobs’ silhouette that amplifies a melancholic atmosphere supported by the magenta background, worked well with the whole piece.

The only thing I wish was different is the floorboard’s background color. I think it would’ve been better with a white background since it takes one and a half columns.