Critique #2: Boston Globe’s treatment of Patriots’ Super Bowl loss

by eelisa314

I thought it would be interesting to compare the Globe’s amped up Super Bowl preview with its treatment of the Patriots’ defeat. Overall, I like this page, too. It seems much more subdued, which I think matches the mood of the team and the fans (and thus the likely readership). I think the lead photo is very strong. Tom Brady looks miserable. Some of the other New England papers I glanced at took a punnier approach, and while I have no problem with this (and even enjoyed it in a few cases, ie. a reference to the win slipping through the Pats’ hands), I think this treatment is very classy and in a way sportsman like. The overarching headline and dek are very informative about the game and about the bigger meaning of this loss for the franchise.

My main complaints: The score seems to be buried on this page. The only place I see it is in the lead photo’s caption, in tiny print and below the fold. True, many people reading this story might have watched the game or already been aware of the outcome, and the loss is evident in the overall display. But it seems like a very key factoid, and I question the decision not to make at least a little more noise about it.

Also, I do not care for the secondary photo. I like the idea of showing fans, but I think a more telling image could have been selected. (I can’t tell if the girl in the bottom right is in shock or stuffing her face…)

— Elisa